“Each person in our team is friendly, discreet and professional. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and confident that with almost 30 years chemotherapy experience, we really do understand your needs.”

Daniel Field Suite

Daniel Field Suite safe hair colouring

Safe Hair Colouring and Lightening

Before, during and after chemotherapy you may want to colour or highlight your hair. Products used by the Daniel Field Suite are pure and completely free of all harsh chemicals, ensuring that hair can be coloured regardless of how delicate a person’s hair or scalp is. These are the only products proven safe to use in this area and at any stage of treatment to effectively colour hair.

Daniel Field Suite chemo curls

Complete Reversal Of Chemo Curls

One phenomenon of great interest to Daniel Field is commonly known as ‘chemo curls’. Upon investigation it would seem that gaps in the new hair formation caused by the drugs can result in a curl being formed much like a perm from the 1980s. Daniel has devised a two part process that is quick and harmless whereby the incorrectly arranged amino acids within the hair are rearranged back to their original straighter alignment. Following this the entire hair shaft is restructured smooth and probably shinier than ever before.

Daniel Field Suite wig fiting

Safe and high performing

All our hair and skin products have been developed by Daniel Field and each range is especially formulated for people going through cancer. Our ingredients are safe and will help combat some of the common side effects of cancer treatment for the hair and skin including dry, sore, sensitive and itchy skin, chapped lips and weak and brittle nails.