“Each person in our team is friendly, discreet and professional. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and confident that with almost 30 years chemotherapy experience, we really do understand your needs.”

Daniel Field Suite

Oncology Hair Care 

Hair is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and long-term cancer treatment and can also be the most distressing.

Whether the challenge is hair loss prevention, healthy regrowth, safe colouring, enhancing the effects of scalp cooling, Daniel and his team continuously strive to make cancer related hair issues one less problem to worry about.

 Emotional Healing Therapies

As well as dealing with the physical side effects of the treatments, cancer can bring up a roller coaster of feelings you’re not used to dealing with.  Denial, anger, fear, anxiety and even guilt are all common emotions one can feel throughout this time and even for a long period after.

At the Daniel Field Suite we understand how closely connected negative emotions and physical illness are. We currently offer several types of support to help.

Oncology Skin and Beauty

Whether you are newly diagnosed, mid-treatment, or a survivor of many years, special considerations must be given when choosing your skin and beauty treatments.

Having your treatments performed by an Oncology Aesthetics Therapist can ease your mind, knowing that they have the skills to provide fully adaptable treatments during the various stages of cancer treatment.

Jane – Chemo Patient

I am so happy with all the team at Daniel Field – I feel so confident now and my hair is even better than before I was ill.

Maria – W9

I have to say this – the guys at Daniel Field are fantastic. So professional and caring – they answered everything I needed to know and done a brilliant job and I feel and look fantastic now even though I say so myself.

Jasmine – Hammersmith

I was so down after chemo – thanks to the Daniel Field team I am now looking healthy and my hair looks wonderful. Thank you so much.